Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Ordinary Hero

Revolution never comes from the orderly communication of our desires to the establishment. It comes from an internal shift that effectively dissolves the current paradigm. The paradigm will resist all efforts of reform until some terminal velocity of individual will and intention, some tipping point of consciousness propels us into novelty.

We will never be able to regulate, stipulate, adjudicate or litigate ourselves free of doing what is wrong. Wal-Mart and it’s cohort of the Most for the Least can never be right, representational democracy on a national scale, across varied demographics and topographies can never be right, industrial food can never be right, eternal economic growth in a finite world can never be right, relying on the dismal science of Autistic Economics to produce optimal utility in Rational Man will never be right, spending so much of our wealth on destruction and the industry of destruction can never be right. Relying/waiting/hoping for a Macro solution is soft headed. Only we can be, on a micro level, the change we desire.

We are complicit in creating the world we have. We leased it, charged it, signed on, bought in and now reap the exquisite rewards: The $20.00 coffeemaker that ceases to satisfy 15 minutes out of the box; the 3,000 sq. foot house that we can never seem to fill with furniture or with the happy loving and well balanced family that the brochure suggests our purchase will assure; trying to be all things when we are probably only adequately equipped to be 3 or 4; trying to buy with monopoly money what can only be acquired by the consistent application of values to a heartfelt and purposeful endeavor. We may have allowed ourselves to become a nation of soul-less and rapacious consumers, turning a blind eye to the destruction our proclivity visits on the earth and the poor, but we are not, by any measure, victims.

In assuming the yolk of our complicity we also assume the mantle of our power. Without our support the machine grinds to a halt (or blows apart in a temper tantrum of tribute denied leaving a large debris field). For all its pomp and for all its threats, the machine is only us. It will change as we do and only if we do.

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  1. Gandhi or Thoreau or King could not have said it any better - as long as we cooperate we are complicit.


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