Sunday, April 5, 2009


There are moments when I doubt our species' ability to save its self.

On a recent weekday morning my children and I went to the playground. While my kids played I spent 45 minutes picking up trash. Gatorade and soda bottles, McDonalds cups, discarded bags of cheetos and chips, coffee cups. I picked up 30 bottles and 75 pink Frooties candy wrappers. There were the attendant caps and straws and napkins and the wind had distributed the items around the park in a uniform debris field, not unlike an explosion. I put them in the large blue trash can next to the basketball court but I could have put them in either of the 2 cans by parking lot, too.

Where do you begin to explain this error in judgment? What can you say about a creature that will foul its own nest?

There are tipping points in the natural world; of environment, culture and consciousness; points from which there is no salvation.


  1. You have considerable authority on your side. No less than Harvard's E.O. Wilson once called humans the "serial killer of the biosphere" and wondered whether humans were genetically so selfish and short-sighted as to be suicidal. Charles Redman an antropologist at the University of New Mexico has characterized the human relationship with the biosphere as one of "rape and ruin." Your personal observation in the play-ground is just another confirmation of of a well-documented history of the human impact on nature that will surely be, in the final analysis, suicidal.

  2. Just wanted to say, I LOVE your blog! I check it everyday! ..That said, I want to say I miss your posts.. Its been too long since you last wrote and I need my fix, lol!!! -Chandra

  3. Oh Chandra, I miss my blog too. My kids have been sick FOREVER and then I got sick myself which is amazing because it's one of the basic laws of nature that Mom's can't get sick (or maybe it's just that no one cares when they do?) My kids are back to school today and I am on the mend as well. I'll have something for you soon!


    p.s. thanks for sharing the blog with your mom!

  4. Hi again :)
    Isn't that rough when the kids AND mom get sick at the same time?! I had 2 very young children (one knows who she is LOL) who brought home the chicken pox. Mom, having never contracted chicken pox in her 30 years of blissful health, managed to catch it and come down with an adult case of it which was (if nothing else) a prepratory class for hell. Ugh! My chicken pox were so huge and nasty they had their own zip codes ........

    Anyway, just wanted to briefly (yeah, right) say that I have never heard of ANY species soiling its own nest UNLESS it was sick (physically or mentally).

    Kudos to you for cleaning up the park and glad you are feeling better :)
    Mary Ann


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