Friday, January 1, 2010

Hippo Birdie 2 Ewe

Radical SAHM is now a year old. What better excuse for a extemporaneous round up of some of the ideas that consume all the non-cooking, shopping, cleaning, soothing, screaming and butt wiping hours of my day. Here is what’s on the top my mind this snowy January first of twenty ten.


These be-waddled mannequin haired oompaloompas no longer count as a political party. Where once you could have made a straight faced argument for the healthy and necessary yin and yang of the 2 party tango, one now finds a league of mini-cephalic prostitots who have wantonly whored out their already meager share of ideas to industrial lobbies and now busies itself with the full throttle pursuit of the admiration of the most stupid, hateful and ignorant among us. Facts, history, even accuracy doesn’t matter a damn to these people. If it’ll tickle some low-information inbred’s asshole or impart the illusion of warmth to the ice cold cockles of the corporate “I”, they are for it! Unless the dems are for it, that is. In this case there is no logical contortion too agonizing for them to purse their thin lips and Vogue. Once your party stops being able to project anything other than sheer opportunistic obstructionism, feces throwing and nyuck nyuck nyuck buffoonery, you don’t get the mike. They are a lying, corrupt, mean and shameless people and I don’t understand how anyone holding a 90 IQ or higher can stand under their banner. I would be totally psyched to see a 3rd party emerge on the right. Let the libertarians take a stab at it. At least they have 2 or 3 ideas that they actually understand to kick around.

Regional Independence

I am still of the mind that the unique regions and demographies of our country should not be required to agree on much. I have nothing to say to North Carolina and North Carolina has no interest in my ideas and that’s really ok. That’s healthy. People should be allowed to travel and trade with each other without being forced to come to consensus on issues like abortion, gun control or other controversial ideas like the rule of law and courts and stuff. If the Bible belt wants to live in a religious state and go back to an eye for an eye warlord justice, and I say this without any malice, good luck with that! I seriously hope it’s all you dreamed it would be. Once groups can no longer agree on the fundamentals like The Bible vs. The Constitution and The Bible vs. Science and The Bible vs. laws rationally decided by modern adults, we are basically just sitting around with our dicks in hands, yes? I’d like the reigns loosened enough to allow states to create their own healthcare and monetary systems, their own financial regulations and their own policies on guns, abortion, drugs, prostitution, agriculture etc. As long as we are tethered to The Great Beige central government, no one gets to try anything new and thus, nothing changes. Good for the minions of The Great Beige, not so good for you. It’d also be really great to be able opt out of funding these soul-crushing bullshit wars.


I used to be a communist. I once had faith that if people were clearly shown that they were being exploited they’d educate themselves and react intelligently by acting in their collective best interest. I don’t believe that anymore. I have come to believe that we are not at a point in our social and governmental evolution where we can react to the challenges we face in a reasonable and effective way. Instead, we’ll react by devolving into clannish superstitious enclaves, rejecting science and information in favor of knee jerk reversion to comfortable dogma. In spite of our great affluence and power, we are afraid and our leaders exploit that fear and our retreat into dogma rather than opening the blinds and telling us the truth so that we can stop being afraid and start effecting change. I’ve tried to have a high opinion of people and I admit to being absolutely awed by the number of intelligent voices there are among ordinary people but this intelligence is dwarfed by the apathetic, ignorant majority that will continue to grease the wheels of the machine with their vapid malleability. These aren’t bad people but they are hopelessly sold on the myth they’ve been told about America and their place in that myth. As poorly as they are doing they are still comfortable enough to go with the status quo, no matter if they are being told it’s clear as day when it’s clearly night. It’d be naïve to assume we’re ready to make things right just because me and mine happen to be around needing it be right at this moment. This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t do all you can on an individual level by living ethically and lightly, but I don’t hold out hope for mass initiative. Americans are too lazy and willfully uninformed to do more than self medicate and hope the virus doesn’t kill the host.

The Home Front

It’s been a successful year in the homemaking department. I am looking forward to banking the tax return again this year and enjoying the security of having it with us all year rather than blowing it on some conjured need. What was still feeling difficult and awkward last year in terms of living simply and locally is now second nature. With the exception of a short meltdown during xmas shopping, I travel the isles of the market with calm purpose feeling neither angst or guilt when I pass up pre-packaged, processed, factory or unnecessary items. I’m cooking in bulk a lot and we are eating less meat. We took our retirement out of the stock market and we bank locally now. I haven’t used my dryer in 4 months and I don’t miss it at all. We are heating with wood during the day and we used 1/3 the gas in November than we used a year ago. When I look back at how driven I was to acquire, improve and manipulate my environment not so long ago, I am really grateful for our limited means. If we were flush I would still be on that consumerist hamster wheel and we’d be meaningfully poorer for it.


1.I am going to try to stop shopping discount retail altogether. Wal-mart gets a lot of attention and they are The Grand Teton of wage slave suckery, but Kohl’s isn’t any better. It’s hard to spend $18 on shirt for Eli-the-stain-maker when the $6 one is right there but that low price represents so much misery and injustice it’s time to kick the habit and just buy fewer items from outfits that have higher standards. I watched a documentary about Jamaica the other day and I saw those poor people making my underwear in some fucked up free enterprise zone. I don’t want that on my conscience.

2.Since both my kids will be in school next fall and out of my hair, I am going to try to learn to make stuff. I have a sewing machine that I got as a gift 12 years ago that I never learned to use. So many of the items I need are very simply constructed so it’s time to get over my fear of the fabric store and get to it.

3.The choreography of my dance with booze is still evolving. I am still uncomfortable with being a non-drinker or someone who only drinks on special occasions; it doesn’t fit with my self concept. I wouldn’t call my drinking a habit or a drive anymore, but I still do it more than I really enjoy. I know this sounds silly; why do it if you don’t enjoy it; but the problem is I still want to enjoy it, damn it.

So, Happy Birthday Radical SAHM! It was a leap of faith for me to put all this stuff out there for general consumption and it’s been nothing but awesome. I’ve always believed that if you can’t communicate an idea in written form and have it make sense, then you don’t really know what the fuck you’re talking about. Half the bits I’ve written for this thing I’ve had to ditch because once I fleshed out the idea I realized I didn’t agree with myself! The failure to investigate our own philosophical proclivities and ruthlessly examine our assumptions and our expectations is the great sicknesses of our culture and I consider this blog my itty bitty way of objecting. I’ve had some amazingly thoughtful and erudite commentary on my posts and I thank all who take the time to comment.

2009 was a good year for me. Not an easy year, not all shits and giggles by a long shot, but a good year in which I learned a lot, let go of a lot and got closer to the even keel than I’ve ever been.

Happy New Year!



  1. Juliet - thank you for sharing your thoughts and some of your battles over the past year. I'm grateful that we reconnected and have been able to share information and engage in some intellectual debate throughout 2009. You've challenged me, made me laugh, and offered support and I really appreciate it. I hope I have repaid some of that back.

    Best wishes for the coming year.

  2. Thank you for being you, and sharing your thoughts with us Juliet. During what has been a BIG year of change for me as well, your words both on your blog and through personal emails, have often been a beacon of light when I have felt lost. With your help I have made it through my first year outside of the corporate world a little easier; my first year of being a full time Mum a more confidently; and my endless quest to be a conscious omnivore with the support of knowing it is possible to buy responsibly on a budget and purchase less processed foods, and still have time to raise a family. You have made me laugh and inspired thoughts about topics I may have otherwise overlooked. Even when I choose not to participate in the conversation, I look forward to reading your thoughts and soaking up the intelligent conversation and debate that unfolds.
    I wish you another successful year of change and challenges, and am very thankful for reconnecting with you.

    Happy New Year, and Hippo Birdie Two Ewe!

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