Wednesday, January 9, 2013


This is old but it cracked me up. So.Y'know.

Much is being said about Obama being the reasonable adult in the room and that his willingness to compromise is being unfairly framed as sniveling weakness. I'd agree that this is an unfair assertion because I think Obama is doing exactly what we wants to do. He is a Clintonesque Republican, after all, with a touch more bellicosity. More to the point, I must take issue with compromise being an unmitigated good. What of the political compromise is between 'Completely Dysfunctional and Unsustainable' and 'Batshit Insane'? When one side of the duopoly  is proposing to delay and delude the people using wars for global hegemony viz resource domination as it's main weapon while the other group just pants, drools and scrawls pictures of boobs on the wall with it's own feces, the compromise position is not desirable. 

I am generally allergic to WWII metaphors but here goes anyway: how would history view a "compromise" with the Nazi's whereby, instead of killing all the Jews in Europe, the Nazi's would just kill all the German ones (and maybe a few Polish ones, cause y'know). Winning?

The divisive culture war buffet we are currently being served up in spades is just a ruse to keep us distracted from the fact that the same people control the federal government whether its democrap or a repig warming the chair in oval office. As we continue to dance along to the 2 party monkey mix and continue voting for what we perceive to be the lesser of 2 evils, we guarantee the movement of the compromise position towards Batshit Insane because compromise is an explicit reward for infantile feces throwing behavior.

The purpose of the 2 party system is to perpetuate itself not to produce rational, fair or effective outcomes for the people. Although the interests that control BOTH PARTIES will allow a rigidly orchestrated dog and pony show every 4 years, they will never allow a candidate to rise to the nomination who threatens their monopoly on power. 

So we made to suffer and rent our garments in frustration being pitted against folks with value systems so diametrically opposed that it is a zero sum gain game where no one gets what they want EXCEPT for the fat cats hoovering up the loot while we duke it out with our competing signage. 

Liberal signage is always better BTW. The right needs to up it's game, hire a cleverness consultant, use spell-check, something. But they have better politicians, the left can't top Drunk-n-Orange and McWaddle. The first person to guess to whom I refer gets a stuffed monkey that smells like syphilis.


  1. If I didn't agree so much, I'd agree more.

  2. Boner and Fatboy Slim from Jersey?

  3. Ding ding to first but no luck on the second.


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