Monday, December 14, 2015

Latest Kim Nam-gil mellodrama "My Dear Enemy"

Latest Kim Nam-gil mellodrama  "My Dear Enemy" Kim Nam-gil (The Shameless, Shark) beyond any doubt is coating up the ventures of late; it's difficult to monitor the greater part of his up and coming motion pictures, however it's decent to realize that there'll dependably be another around the curve. He's right now considering an offer to feature the most up to date film from chief Lee Yoon-ki, of the mindful arthouse movies My Dear Enemy, Come Rain, Come Shine, and Ad-lib Night, among others. His new venture is called My Angel, and recounts the tale of a man who meets a lady in a vegetative state. How would you have an adoration story between a man and a lady in a… You realize what, I would prefer not to inquire.

Kim Nam-gil is being courted to play a protection specialist who saw his own wife's suicide. Gack, that is sickening. He then meets a lady in a vegetative state, and the film is about their unusual adoration story. It sounds strange, however the thing is, Lee Yoon-ki's movies are capricious at any rate, so perhaps by and by it'll bode well? 

The executive is known for his thoughtful movies about men and ladies' connections, frequently told in consolidated time (a couple of hours, a day). He's worked with first class performing artists like Ha Jung-charm, Jeon Do-yeon, Hyun Bin, Im Soo-jung, Gong Yoo, and gives them mind boggling and obscure characters tossed into strained circumstances (things like unbalanced breakups, or exes requesting credit reimbursement — it sounds insane, yet Ha Jung-charm and Jeon Do-yeon make it marvelous).

Kim Nam-gil is considering until further notice, and in the interim he's in the sageuk Sound of a Flower right now in theaters, and the up and coming debacle film Pandora and the thriller Murderer's Guide to Memory. Executive Lee Yoon-ki's A Man and a Woman with Gong Yoo and Jeon Do-yeon is expected out in theaters soon.ring and keen housewife with a brilliant, constructive identity. Kim Ji-soo was beforehand answered to be considering playing Lee Sung-min's ex, a competent judge, so I'm going to accept that both women will consider along with the story as the lead character rediscovers the importance of family and adoration through his battle with his advancing

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