Monday, December 14, 2015

Park Jin-hee for new drama " Memory"

We have two conceivable increases to tvN's Memory, which I will perpetually mistake for SBS's shiny new Remember, albeit possibly you folks will have a superior time monitoring all the dramaland recollections rampaging around nowadays. Not that you can point the finger at anybody for being confounded, as both shows highlight principle characters who are legal advisors losing their recollections, who tackle one final imperative body of evidence in a race against time before their brains fall flat them. I'm certain they're entirely unexpected. (Really, mockery aside, I do anticipate that them will be altogether different in execution, which is the reason it's confusing to the point that these covering programming decisions happen so regularly in dramaland. Why dependably plan the likewise themed demonstrates together? Why not give them both a little space to move around?)

Memory is the show featuring Lee Sung-min (Misaeng) as that legal counselor (Yoo Seung-ho features Remember), who works in a law office and is determined to have Alzheimer's. Yoon So-hee is right now emphatically considering the dramatization, and would play one of the characters working at the law office. It sounds like it'll be a vigorously working environment driven show, with Song Sun-mi of Miss Korea affirmed to play a lawyer and 2PM's Junho as another more youthful legal advisor.

Park Jin-hee (Gu-am Heo Joon), then, hasn't been excessively dynamic as of late, having hitched and conceived an offspring in the previous year and half. Joining this show implies she'll be rejoining with author Kim Ji-charm and PD Park Chan-hong; she worked with the executive in 2001's Stock Flower before working with both in 2011's Fermentation Family. (The essayist PD couple has worked together a few times some time recently, most strikingly in thriller dramatizations Resurrection and Mawang. Additionally 2013's reprisal show Shark, yet we can disregard that one.)

She'll be playing Lee Sung-min's wife, a minding and insightful housewife with a brilliant, constructive identity. Kim Ji-soo was already answered to be considering playing Lee Sung-min's ex, a proficient judge, so I'm going to accept that both women will consider along with the story as the lead character rediscovers the significance of family and adoration through his battle with his advancing sickness.

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